• Understand


    Understand the technologies, potential impacts, advances to know what IA really is

  • Prepare


    Create your own vision to imagine what IA can do for you and your organization

  • Leverage


    Take advantage of what IA can do for you and leverage your career or your business.

  • Protect


    Protect yourself from potential IA threats.

If it has neither conscience nor will, would the machine still be able to feel curiosity, like the man? No, in no way. One might be tempted to think so by reading several french articles devoted to AI developed by Deepak Pathak, a student of Berkeley.

THIS is the future, as researchers see it for the year 2030. And much of it already exists - though often not so mature. We already talk to our cell phones or Alexa. We can now switch on the heating or the light via work app. When shopping online, the providers now remember what we like and suggest similar products. The basis of all this? Artificial intelligence, short AI.